Packages still have to be delivered, even when the world is falling apart. - so says the writing in the sky

Be careful , the more packages you carry, the less mobile you become. Collect packages and deliver them to your friends around town.

Web support for this game is currently experimental. If you are having performance issues please use one of the download options below. From my testing it works much better in Chrome than Firefox.

The world has been torn apart by forces unknown. Your poor little town now floats through space, jumbling about every day. For the average citizen, this is a touch troublesome, but for you, Delivery Steve, it is a nightmare! How will you deliver packages to all your friends!?



You play as the bumbling Delivery Steve. He was not a very good delivery man before the world ending. But now, somehow, he's even worse. He just spends his days jumping around the rubble of his ruinous home town.

To make matter's worse SOMEONE is leaving him notes in the sky. Egging him on to glory, trying to convince him he is some sort of saviour, if only he were to deliver all the packages. 

No matter what happens to Steve, he will always have his friends and packages to keep him company.


  • 'ad / Left Right'  - Move
  • 'w / Up'           - Jump
  • 'Space'            - Interaction (pickup/drop)
  • 'q'                - Screenshot (desktop only)
  • 'Esc'              - Open Menu
  • 'm'                - Mute
  • 'F10'              - Toggle Fullscreen
  • '1'                - Toggle On-Screen FPS
  • '2'                - Toggle Fast Render
  • '6'                - Toggle Camera Modes


  • Game Code - Alexander Griffith (GPL3+)
  • Game Art - Alexander Griffith (CCBY 4) 
  • Music - Alexander Griffith (CCBY 4)
  • Font (FFForwa) - (OFL)
  • Font (Inconsolata) - (OFL)
  • Sounds Effects -  NeadSimic, Nicole Marie, Jalastram, Blender Foundation, MentalSanityOff (CCBY 3/4)
  • Library (Lume) - RXI (MIT/X11)
  • Library (anim8,bump) - Enrique Cota (MIT)
  • Engine (Lร–VE) - Lร–VE Dev Team (Zlib)
  • Language (Fennel) - Calvin Rose (MIT/X11)
  • Web Support (Love.js) Davidobot

Built for the web using

This was a submission to the 2021 Blackthorn Game Jam (#3). The theme was "Less is More"

The source code can be found at:

Inspired by the song I am Steve


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Version 0.2.3

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