Frozen Horizon - Post Jam Release

Many thanks to those who played during the Jam and provided feedback. This patch fixes most of the game breaking bugs and adds a number of quality of life features. I’ve also included a guide on the main page to help new players.

2022-11-27 v3.0 - Post Jam Release

Changes from v2.0

New Features

  • Can now ctrl click to move items from a location to the party inventory.
  • The class(es) that can use a weapon or armour is now displayed in its subtitle
  • Quest actions now have a Q icon on the top right of their button
  • Hexes that are revealed with a map get a red outline that fades
  • The target level / renown is now displayed when in the tavern menu
  • Included a Guide on the page


  • Inventories now track specific locations
  • Switched the log and the eye menus
  • Can only equip one item of each type

Bug Fixes

  • Can now use quests
  • Subzero mayor quest fixed
  • Should no longer take negative damage
  • Inventories are now properly tied to the gnomes in your party
  • The duplicate action β€œTake a relaxing bath” at the Friggin Cold Tavern has been replaced
  • Fixed the move lock bug where the game would freeze after the death of gnomes
  • Gnomes will always have the bonus of their equipped items accounted for.


frozen-horizon-0.3.0-x86_64.AppImage 11 MB
Version 0.3.0 Nov 28, 2022 9 MB
Version 0.3.0 Nov 28, 2022 5 MB
Version 0.3.0 Nov 28, 2022

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