The Marquise has been murdered and its up to you to solve the case! Investigate a colourful cast of potential villains to find the murderer!

In this murder mystery you will chat with locals and collect clues. New clues will open new dialogue options for the cast. Keep your eyes out for yellow exclamation marks. These indicate new opportunities to uncover mysteries

Murder of the Marquise was written over 4 days for the 2022 Love Game Jam and it's source can be found on GitLab

The optional theme for the Jam was Earthquake ... which I completely ignored (I had planed to work it into the plot but you know how things go)

The source is available under GPL3 and the assets developed for the game are available under CC-BY4.

The Marquise is dead!

to check his body for clues.

Check in on the locals

Chat with Jane to see if she knows anything about the murder

Meet the Family

Here we see the Marquise's wife and stepson. They are always sooo pleasant.

Don't go wandering in the dark

Really, there is nothing there and you'll get lost

Game Controls

  • W
    to move
  • Space
    to interact
  • Esc
    to open the menu or close the dialogue
  • Delete
    to see the Dev view

Game Control Details

Pressing the interact button will select the top option when having a conversation.


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Version 0.2.0
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Version 0.2.0


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Games looks really great. Music install a good atmosphere (even if repetitive after a moment). I like the play of lights, the particles, foot prints, sound effect. Unfortunately, I didn't understand how to trigger the end, after talking to everyone, no more yellow question-mark. I was thinking I have to give an answer to the marchioness, but got a empty chat. I surely missed something, but can't understand what...

Other than that, that's a really good game.

In the end you have to talk to the Marchioness (Victoria) and give her your conclusion.

Thanks for the note! Iโ€™ll update the game to ensure that she always has an active marker over her head, to avoid this confusion in the future :)

Ok. I replayed it, and got the end this time. I didn't have the end the previous time, because I spam spacebar to end my dialog with Marchioness and didn't even notice I answered the "murderer question". And once you answer 1 time you can't answer again.

I got it right the first try, but to be honest after talking to everyone I did took a while checking my notes to see who it was.

I really liked this game and even tho you guys said there is nothing in the woods I still checked it out and can confirm..

..there is nothing in the woods.

Anyways! This was a funny short game or longer, depending on the player.

The art style is really nice and the music fits perfectly and gives the whole game a creepy vibe. The whole atmosphere gave me a feeling of having to be on my toes, to watch out.

(literally, my cat just sitting next to me and starring into my soul. She ran to my gf and now she stares at me again.. why??)

I'm looking forward on playing more games from you!

just a random human!


Thanks for playing! Iโ€™m glad you found the clues helpful :)

Once the voting ends I want to modify the clues page so you can sort them by 1. most recent 2. who they pertain to and 3. who told you.


This actually sounds really good! I've just used some papers and the clue box to sort them out a little.

Also, I would love to see another murder mystery sometime. It was really a whole lot of fun!