Sometimes labour is cheaper than automation. Especially when you're talking about Dwarf labour. - Your Benevolent Machine Intelligence Overlords

Space Dwarf is a mash up of FTL and Flippers of Steel with a healthy dose of malicious machine intelligence. You will have to build all the components your ship will need in combat, including missiles, shields and lasers. To be successful you will also have to manage the load-out while in combat.

Web support for this game is currently experimental. If you are having performance issues please use one of the download options below. From my testing it works much better in Chrome than Firefox.


Play as a lonely Space Dwarf, who has been floating through space for nigh 200 years. Even as you finally approach your distant destination things do not seem to be going right. The Machine Intelligence that runs the ship seems to be becoming more and more extreme. Will you, or any biological life, make it out alive?


  • 'wasd'  - Move
  • 'Space'  - Interaction (pickup/drop)
  • 'Delete'  - Delete the currently held item
  • `m` - Mute
  • `/` - Cheat
  • 1-8 - Jump to encounter (use if you lose your progress)

You can also click on any item in game to get it's description.


  • Game Code - Alexander Griffith (GPL3+)
  • Game Art - Alexander Griffith (CCBY 4) 
  • Music - Alexander Griffith (CCBY 4)
  • Font (FFForwa) - (OFL)
  • Font (Inconsolata) - (OFL)
  • Sounds Effects -  NeadSimic, Nicole Marie, Jalastram, Blender Foundation, MentalSanityOff (CCBY 3/4)
  • Library (Lume) - RXI (MIT/X11)
  • Library (anim8,bump) - Enrique Cota (MIT)
  • Engine (Lร–VE) - Lร–VE Dev Team (Zlib)
  • Language (Fennel) - Calvin Rose (MIT/X11)
  • Web Support (Love.js) Davidobot

Built for the web using

This was a submission to the 2021 Lisp Spring Game Jam

The source code can be found at:


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Version 0.2.3


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Really fun game and a neat idea.

Though I had a couple issues:
Some recipes show the wrong parts though the end product is shown correctly so you can figure it out. Kinda thought maybe that was on purpose. 

However, the missile recipe shows nothing as far as parts go and I cannot figure out how to make an orange piece. :| Tried a bunch of different non standard combinations and cannot seem to figure it out.

Using the linux, version. 

Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for bringing this bug to my attention :)

I pushed a fix to all builds updating the recipe displays for the:

  1. Missile Launcher
  2. Shields (This was brought up in a ratings comment)
  3. Missiles

I try to create Ceramic Armour. I produced two required shapes and connected them, now the form looks like in the recipe. But then I put it on the red table nothing happens. Also if I click on it, it says "Work in progress. A partially complete ship element". So I missing the last step, I guess. Could you give a clue what to do next? :)

Btw I like the story, arts and the music. Cool! :)


Ah, nevemind! I found that I missed... I put the shapes into the Nanite Etcher, but the right one for this recipe seems to be the Quencher :)

Glad you figured it out! I really should have made the Tempered and Etched materials more distinct :p