A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You've just adopted an adorable cat, Sunsun. However, you live in a late stage capitalistic world. With an ever rising cost of cat food, and the cost of home repairs, will you be able to care for Sunsun and keep your sanity? Lets find out!

There are three endings, can you find them all?


Use the number bar to switch between tools (RMB)
1 - hand (for petting)
2 - spray (for dissuading)
3 - flail (for playing)

For easy access Spay can always be used using the LMB

Hover over an object to see if it can be interacted with;
   A food icon indicates that a dish can be filled
   A wrench indicates that the object can be repaired

The more positive reinforcement Sunsun gets during an action, the more biased she is to preform that action in the future.

Spraying sun sun dissuades her from doing that task in the future

Using the flail distracts Sunsun from her current task, without effecting her opinion of it.

If you get stressed out playing the game, try out "Sandbox Mode". There, you and Sunsun can play together forever, free of all life's fobies.

Trailer: https://files.mastodon.social/media_attachments/files/020/772/974/original/d5141...


welcome-home-sunsun-mac.zip 8 MB
Version 0.4.2 Oct 26, 2019
welcome-home-sunsun-windows.zip 6 MB
Version 0.4.2 Oct 26, 2019
SunSun-0.4.2.love 3 MB
Version 0.4.2 Oct 26, 2019

Install instructions

The source is available at https://gitlab.com/alexjgriffith/welcome-home-sunsun

(note this version includes bug fixes and some spelling / grammar corrections)

For linux users. You will have to download love2d v11.2 separately. Once downloaded you should be able to play the .love file.


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