Potions - Adding Water FX

The focus since 2.0 has been on performance and FX. Loading times should be drastically reduced on the web version. It used to take over 15s in certain cases for the game map to load. Now it should take less than 1s. Iโ€™ve been playing around with water FX over the past few days. They are in the game now, they could do with some further tweaking.

2023-03-26 v2.5 - Adding Water FX

Changes from v2.0


  • Replaced the background music with a new song
  • Added mute button
  • Once the game ends you can now choose to replay
  • Greatly reduced loading time
  • Interactable objects are highlighted more consistently
  • Added outline to rocks / other movable items so they are visible behind trees
  • Added mask for the tops of cliff for sprites and shadows so it wont look like rocks are on top of cliffs
  • Changed font from Pico-8 to 6px-normal (4base to 6 base)
  • WaterFX implemented with a new rendering pipeline

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