Your cat basil is sick! Collect ingredients from the forest to brew the cure. This was my submission to the 2023 Love2D game jam.

The web version of the game takes a long time to parse the world map. If you're having persistent issues try out the builds for Windows or Linux, or the love file included with this project

Goal: Brew the elixir of life to save your cat basil. You will need to brew several potions before hand to get past the hurdles.


  • Move with WSAD
  • Pickup rocks and cut logs with Space
  • Interact with the UI to see recipes and brew potions

Note: You will need to brew the Essence Of Strength to lift rocks, the Cause Of Death to pass through fallen logs and, the Mixture of Levitation to cross fords.

Brewing a Potion:

  • To brew a potion you first have to collect all the requisite ingredients. You can see what ingredients are needed by clicking on the potion you want to brew on the left. Your stock of ingredients is visible on the right . If you have all the ingredients in stock all you have to do is click the brew button. The abilities granted by the potions take effect immediately.
  • To see the potion or ingredient names just hover your mouse over the icon.
  • For example if I want to brew the Essence of Strength, the potion required to lift small rocks, I would first need to collect a carrot, hemp and nut.
  • Once these are collected I can click the brown potion bottle on the left to pop open the Essence of Strength mixer page and brew it. Once it's brewed I can double back and pick up that rock I saw by the house.

Note: Only the Essence of Strength, Cause of Death, Mixture of Levitation, and Elixir of Life potions have an effect in game.

How to brew and use the Essence of Strength

Source: The source code for Potions is released under the GPL3+ Licence and the art is available under the CC-BY licence. Both are available at


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Version 0.2.5

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Thank you for the game!  I love this game's artwork, color palette, and map design.  Exploring the map itself is a lot of fun for me.  :)

Thank you very much for sharing the source code!  With very little game dev background myself, reading the source code was inspiring and helped me learn more about game development with Fennel.   Cheers!


Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it!

If you want to play around with the the hacked up map editor you can press tab to disable the ui and collisions then 1 to zoom out.Youโ€™ll see on the right there are a bunch of open squares where I was intending to introduce an NPC and some lava (for the Love Potion and Dragon Hid Concoction). [ and ] can be used to cycle through the available brushes. The first 5 autotile.

Thanks for the tips!  The game already looks polished with the camera movements and the game mechanics.  I was even more amazed when I learned about the in-game level editor!  I want to build a level editor for my next game too.  It really seems like a nice workflow to learn.

As an observation, this game does not start a Fennel REPL on the side, if I'm not mistaken.  I can only imagine the REPL might not fit well with your in-game level-editing workflow.  Or perhaps REPL just doesn't work that well with Lua's module system.   If there's anything you would share about your game development workflow, I'll be interested to know!  Thanks again for sharing.  Cheers!


The repl activation is commented out in love.load in wrap.fnl. This is just to ensure maximum compatibility with different systems in the build release. You can uncomment it to get the repl back ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I use emacs and fennel-mode, so my dev cycle has a lot of code hotloading vs entering stuff straight into the repl.